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Berlin from Above - Great Vantage Points in Berlin

To discover Berlin from above, there is a numerous offer of great vantage points that guarantee an incredible view over the capital of Germany. A breathtaking view can be enjoyed in many places: famous churches, hotels and mountains e.g. We present you some great places.

French Cathedral

The French Cathedral is located at the Gendarmenmarkt and is one of Berlin's most beautiful buildings. After its destruction in World War II, from 1981 to 1987 a reconstruction took place. Today you can find the Huguenot Museum, which is showing the history and life of the French immigrants, in the tower of the cathedral. A highlight is the viewing platform, which is accessible to the public and offers a great panoramic view of Berlin.

Gendarmenmarkt 5, 10117 Berlin, admission price 1 – 3 €,

Panoramic Point Potsdamer Platz

There is the fastest elevator in Europe, which brings the visitors to 100 meters rapidly. The Panoramic Point is located in the 24th and 25th floor of the Kollhoff Tower - the observation deck offers a great panoramic view of the structural and historical highlights of the capital.

Potsdamer Platz, 10785 Berlin, admission price 5 -15 €,

Park Inn Hotel

The Park Inn Hotel at Alexanderplatz with its  panoramic terrace at 150 meters is one of the highest vantage points in Berlin. The hotel was built in 1967 to 1970 and was completely renovated and covered with glass in 2005. With a lift the visitors get to the publicly accessible rooftop. From there you can be discover many of Berlin's famous attractions.

Alexanderplatz 7, 10178 Berlin, admission price 4 €,

Gasometer Schöneberg

The Gasometer in Schöneberg is 78 meter high and a listed building.It can be visited as part of guided tours. The view extends over the entire metropolitan area. The Gasometer was built from the Berlin - Anhalt Maschinenbau AG (BAMAG) in the beginning of 1900 was one of the three largest gas reservoirs in Europe. Since September 2011, Günther Jauch hosts his political talk show into the event dome.

Torgauer Straße 12-15, 10829 Berlin, only with previous notice

Zion Church

The Zion Church in Berlin-Mitte is locatetd at one of the highest natural elevations of Berlin. The church was inaugurated in 1873 and was built in neo-romantic style with romantic and gothic elements. After the World War II it was partially destroyed and is still in need of renovation. The surrounding streets run in a star shape to the church, the tower is 67 feet high and open to visitors.

Zionskirchplatz, 10119 Berlin, admission price 1,50 und 2 €,


Since 1990 the Reichstag is the place of the German Bundestag and also a popular attraction of the Berlin tourists. In 1999, the glass dome was built with a height of 23.5 meters. On the inside two spiral loops to the viewing platform and back down to the roof terrace .

Scheidemannstraße 2, 10557 Berlin, admission free, with previous notice,

Captive balloon Hi-Flyer

The Hi-Flyer can be seen in Berlin from almost any location. Passengers have a great view over the city of Berlin from almost 150 meters. It is secured with ropes on the ground and is filled with non-flammable helium. The Hi-Flyer is one of the largest captive balloons in the world. The trips take about 15 minutes and are offered in the spring and summer sesason.

Zimmerstraße - Ecke Wilhelmstraße, 10117 Berlin, admission price ca 20 €,

Viktoriapark with the Kreuzberg

The Victoria Park with the Kreuzberg is the highest inner-city survey of Berlin. On the top of the mountain you can find the national monument of Schinkel, which commemorates the victory against Napoleon. The name was given to the park to commemorate the Empress Victoria of the english royal house. Until the 18th century the hillside was used for winegrowing. In 1980 the Victoria Park was provided under monument protection as an exceptional park artwork. From the top of the mountain the visitors have a beautiful view towards the town .

Kreuzbergstr. 15, 10965 Berlin, admission free

Belfry at the Olympica stadium

The belfry is part of the famous Olympic stadium which was built in the nazi past of Germany. The platform offers a great view over large parts of Berlin. The tower is the landmark of the Olympic complex and was built from 1934 to 1936 for the Olympic Games. In 1947 the belfry was blown up due to excessive destruction caused by the World War II. At the beginning of the 60s it was reconstructed has a height of 77.17 meters today. Visitors are transported in an elevator to the observation deck.

Am Glockenturm, 14053 Berlin, admission price 2,50 und 4,50 €,

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