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Shopping in Berlin - Alternatives to the Standard

There are so many alternatives to the standard shops like H&M and Zara in Berlin. We have summarised a few shops for you:

Our first tip is the shop "Das neue Schwarz" in the Mulackstraße 32: Next to designer clothes from second hand are also footwear, accessories, used furniture and home furnishings. The shop  has also an online store - so you can visit it also from home.
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Even the "Sommerladen" gets her designer clothes from second hand - but the clothes that you buy here, it ´s possible that they had previously been worn by a Star: the owner applies some things directly from the Stars and its employees! However, you can get there small and large labels. The owner of the shop makes sure that the clothes ar in a perfect condition without stains or cracks. The store is located in Linienstraße 153.
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Of course there are not only thrift stores, but also shops like "Soma": Here you can buy cute accessories and fancy clothes. If you like the extraordinary, you are exactly right here! The store is located in Alte Schönhauser Straße.
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If you still want to set your apartment, then have a look at "Gingersboat": There are al lot of special products, environmentally friendly and fair trade. The dressmaker tailors bags, cases or purses according to your wishes. Gingersboat you can find in the Wühlischstaße 15.
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You like jewelry? At "Unico" you can find handmade necklaces, rings and small detailed bags from Argentina. These unique pieces combine various styles and elements. Alte Schönhauser Strasse 50.
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What are your specific recommendations for shopping in Berlin? We are pleased about your tips in the comments!

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