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Activities in Berlin

current issues

Suitable for the season and current events in Berlin we research special places and events in Berlin. All tips can be found in our blog: Cityhostel Berlin Blog

Reederei Riedel

Discover Berlin from the water. The shipping company Riedel offers a wide range of tours through the city. Currently, the shipping company has 15 passenger ships. Whether city center trip, bridge tour or special trips, all this and many other tours you can book directly with us.

BEX Sightseeing Berlin

Take the double-decker bus through Berlin. There are various tours through the city. All tours are called hop on / hop off tours, this gives you the opportunity to get out to visit various points around the city's sights. Simply sign up at the front desk. Our friendly staff will be happy to explain the various tours and sells you the tickets.

Madame Tussauds

The legendary cabinet of wax figure in Berlin. Meet your favourite stars and get unforgettable photos with your group. Madame Tussauds will bring you in to the world of the stars while you discover informative and exciting fields.

In the area of culture you will meet academics and artists of all time and for example can challenge Einstein for an intelligence test or play piano with Bach.

Dlight Disco at Matrix

The first party only for student groups with security, control and fun which is really affordable! During the season Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08,00 pm to 12,00 pm.

In one of the most popular clubs of the city famous DJ's will make you dance with a lot of fun. Organization is our job. Lean back and enjoy the music with suitable prices in a felicitous evening.

DDR museum

The DDR museum is a one of a kind and very extraordinary museum and will show you the kind of life in the past GDR. What was the difference between the life in east and west? How did the state influence the life of the people? Where was the dictatorship in everyday life appreciable? The DDR museum will give you the answers of these questions.

Highlight: An in-house restaurant with menus of the GDR. (reservation possible)

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